Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Japanese confectionary

I have just stuffed myself silly with Japanese confectionary. It was great. The japanese take great pride in their food be it sweet or savory, they're must probably the best in the world when it comes to display, i mean, you've seen some of their bentos right? Their cakes are just as cute. I think the word kaizen can dexribe their precision and accuracy, i'm not sure though, it's a business term. Anyway, this ----------------------------> is character bread, the Japan Centre (where I bought this) had Hello Kitty ones as well but they didn't have cherry noses. It was super yum with biscuit (eyes and mouth) bread and a custard filling. As you can see I couldn't control myself and took a bite before I took the pic :P

I was too greedy with my strawberry mochi and ate it on the bus so know picture, you should try to imagine what I must have looked like - icing sugar all over my face and squidgy mochi eveywhere - it was quite a spectacle but boy was it goood. I wasn't too keen on mochi the first time I had it, I liked the squidgy starchy rice bit but red bean paste doesn't do it for me. I now know not all mochi has that filling so i'm hooked, chocolate is deffinetely my favourite, the way it melts in your mouth mmmmmmmmmm. So the strawberry one i bought today had the bean paste in but also had a strawberry in the middle, twas good, very good.

Whenever I go to the Japan Centre (Picadilly) I get their coffee, what's so great about it is that i can have it hot or cold, i'm more of an iced coffee type of girl myself, it's great to drink with an almond croissant, character bread or japanese chocolates accompanied with Shoujo Beat :)

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Suicide, for the selfish?

Is suicide a selfish act? Don't worry I have no intention of doing any such thing, I'm just curious about how others see it. Personally I believe it is in certain cases, for instance my mother told me a while ago (which is what got me thinking about this) that on Christmas day a colleague of hers, on his way to work, witnessed a man hang himself off some scaffolding. OK we're in recession, it's a depressing time, some may be feeling suicidal... but why the hell did he have to make it so public an involve innocent people, now THAT'S selfish. I pity my mum's work colleague more for having his day ruined than the dead man.

Another instance is when it's made gory, I mean, if some one's feeling depressed it's no reason for them to slash their wrists and have their loved ones walk in on them AND into a pool of blood. Keep it clean! If you love someone either stay alive for them or make it less traumatising for them.

I'm pro-euthanasia but believe it's completely different from suicide, the reasons are more justified and loved ones are involved and think it's acceptable if death is inevitable (i.e about to be murdered or a spy going to be tortured) but how often does that occur. I don't really understand suicide and its sweet relief but then I've never been depressed enough to properly consider the pros and cons of it, plus what sweet relief anyway, most religions say suicide ain't no way to get into heaven, so you'll just cease to exist maybe ('What happens after death?' - I'll have to blog about it) such a thought makes me fear death.

I don't believe suicide is brave, it's braver to live on (sounds cliche) does no-one else get excited about the "what's to come?" even dying excites me a little bit (I really hope to be re-incarnated, or have my soul recycled as I like to put it, a Japanese girl). Anyway back to being selfish, I get that depressed people aren't really in the right state of mind so probably aren't going to be too thoughtful but still.......

My views may seem harsh but i find it hard to sympathise with tragic people, they annoy me (why i hated Tess Durbeyfield)

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Woah I'm Going To Korea!

Does anyone share my dream? Just hang on a second I'll get to it, it's pretty strange but I'm sure it's not unique...nothing's unique these days. I have an interest, a passion and I know I'm not the only one because I've seen the masses online who do too. This passion of mine is Asia, yes, it's facsinating, I'm obsessed, so I've decided to make a dream of it; go to university, study korean culture, then go teach there, anyone planning to do the same?

I love Korea, had my doubts at first (When I first tried Kimchi... it's grown on me now) but there's a certain appeal to it, this appeal may be insubstantial as I've never been but there is definetely something about it. Could it be the glottalized sound of the language? It's not as charming or pretty as Japanese but more throaty and handsome, I guess what im saying is masculine. Or is it the fashion, in which Seoul definetely comes second to Tokyo in Asia's most fashionable places. I know one thing that deffinetely attracts me is the actors (ahhh Lee Min Ki and Joo Ji Hoon, how my heart flutters when I think of you both) and the cliched dramas which they play in.

My dream, however, has an ulterior motive behind it, for as I'm out there I plan to get discovered for my adorable cuteness and become an expartriate actor/idol following in the footsteps of Dennis Oh and the fantastic Daniel Henney. So I know the previous paragraphs aren't impossible to relate to but how about this one, is it anyone's dream? Shall we do it together? Help each other defeat the obstacles in our way? Ooh I'm excited....Korea here I come xoxoxo